Crows Using Tools in the Wild
Crow vs Grub   Yabusame video
Crow Versus Grub   Little Feather
A juvenile crow (making begging noises) tries grub-fishing. We edited out some of the middle; altogether it took this crow about four minutes of work to get a payday.   Little Feather and Lefty (probably Little Feather's parent) fish for grubs. Notice how Lefty fashions a  tool from a spiky twig, and always keeps the end of its tool along the left side of its head.
Little Feather Part II   Dr. Gavin Hunt Explains
Little Feather Part II   Dr. Gavin Hunt Explains
This time Little Feather provides a bit of help when a tool gets dropped.   How exactly does a crow manufacture a multi-step pandanus tool?
Crow Smarts
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