Captive Crow Experiments
An EIGHT-Part Experiment   Crow and the GoPro
An EIGHT-Part Experiment!   The Crow and the GoPro
In Crow Smarts, Munin easily solves a three-part problem. In this BBC video, a New Caledonian crow named "007" is faced with an even more complex challenge.   To mimic a grub's-eye-view of a tool-using crow, photographer Andy Comins put a GoPro camera at the bottom of a hole filled with a meat treat.
Betty the Brainiac   Aesop's Fable Experiment
Betty the Brainiac   The Aesop's Fable Experiment
The one, the only, Betty the crow and her famous wire-bending.   Crow Smarts discusses an ingenious series of experiments based on an Aesop's fable. Watch the crows go at it!
Crow Smarts
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