Pamela S. Turner

How to Build a Human

More on Human Evolution

Shap­ing Human­i­ty: How Sci­ence, Art, and Imag­i­na­tion Help Us Under­stand Our Ori­gins (Book Teaser)

Illus­tra­tor John Gurche has cre­at­ed an amaz­ing visu­al of human evo­lu­tion to accom­pa­ny his book, Shap­ing Human­i­ty. Check it out. You can also vis­it his web­site.

Sev­en Mil­lion Years of Human Evolution

Sev­en mil­lion years of human evo­lu­tion in less than sev­en min­utes, cre­at­ed by the Amer­i­can Muse­um of Nat­ur­al History.


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