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Chris McKay looking down a dive hole into an Antarctic Lake. It takes many hours for a heating coil to melt this 15-foot-deep hole through the ice; when the ice is melted away the water will rise up to fill the hole. And then it's time for Chris to suit up for an icy dive and drop 100 feet to the bottom of this frigid lake.

Life on Earth...and Beyond

Hardback ISBN 978-1580891332; paperback ISBN 978-1580891349

* School Library Journal starred review
* Booklist starred review
* Bank Street College of Education Best Books List
* AAAS/Subaru Science Writing Prize finalist
* Booklist Top Ten Sci-Tech Book for Youth
* NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book
* Booklist Editors' Choice
* CCBC Choice
* A Capitol Choices Selection

School Library Journal Starred Review:
"Following the lead of the exemplary “Scientists in the Field” series (Houghton), this is another handsomely packaged, profusely illustrated portrait of a researcher whose “lab” is the great outdoors...NASA scientist Chris McKay travels in turn to Antarctica’s Dry Valleys and ice-covered Lake Hoare, to Chile’s Atacama Desert, Siberia, and the Sahara to study the bacteria and other microscopic organisms that call such climatic extremes home. The photographs, which are reproduced with unusual clarity, range from shots of McKay and his colleagues at work in various rugged settings to micrographs of bacteria, from satellite photos to side-by-side pairings of physical features in the Atacama and intriguingly similar formations on Mars...engagingly written, visually appealing..."

Booklist Starred Review:
"Astrobiologists look outward from the Earth seeking evidence of life elsewhere in the Universe. But, as this fascinating book shows, they also travel to places on Earth where extreme conditions may be similiar to those on distant worlds... Turner's absorbing account gives enough detail to create vivid impressions of McKay's explorations and enough background information to show what his amazing findings imply. Occasional moments of amusement or amazement let readers share her evident enjoyment in McKay's quest...This beautifully designed volume offers an eye-opening look at an astrobiologist in action."